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Historic American Indian Jewelry

Our jewelry’s main appeal is its uniqueness. When you purchase jewelry from others stores, most often, they’re mass-produced. Our authentic Native American jewelry is handcrafted and tells a story of history and culture. Southwest Jewelry Designs takes pride in providing you with genuine turquoise and Native American jewelry that is distinct in designed, powerful in approach, and stunning when worn. With our jewelry, you’ll flaunt the exceptional, knowing that you have something no one else does. The most popular pieces we feature in our collection are Native American Necklaces, particular, squash blossom necklaces; rooted deep in Spanish culture, these beautiful flower shaped necklaces were taught to the Native tribes by Spanish sellers and traders coming to the new world.

Our silver Native American bracelets are made using the overlay and inlay silverwork methods that Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni jewelry traditionally features. The Zuni jewelry we have can be told apart by the vibrant array of color and use of traditional symbols, like the Thunderbird. Among SJD’s Zuni jewelry collection, our George Phillips Zuni rings are a treasure that most collectors would kill to have in their home.

Southwest Jewelry Designs Guarantee

One thing we prize above all else is our customer service and satisfaction. As a guest of our site, your happiness is priority number one. That’s why our Authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry is always Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our policy is that you can return any item within 30 days. You can also exchange your item for one of equal value within that same time-frame. When our customers are happy, our business succeeds, that’s as simple as it gets. We only ask that returned items are done so within 30 days of purchase and in the original condition they were sent. If you’re unhappy with a piece, return it, no questions asked.

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