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Kingman Turquoise

When you search turquoise, this is probably what you’ll see first. The Kingman Turquoise Mine is among the oldest and highest producing Turquoise Mines in the country. It was originally discovered by the Native American tribes, over 1000 years ago, so it’s been around for a while.

Kingman Turquoise can be told apart by its many variations of blue and green. One distinguishing feature is the light-brown, almost brown swirling matrix that makes the stone wholly unique and stunning.

Kingman Turquoise Mine History

The Kingman Mine is located in Kingman Arizona and produces turquoise to the entire Southwestern jewelry industry. This is why you might be more familiar with this variation, more so than any other, the sheer quantity of this stone is incredible.

In fact, this mine was producing jewelry for the Mayans back in 1000 AD, traditionally used for self-adornment and ceremonial purposes.

More recently, the Kingman Mine has been commercially mined since the late 1880's by the Aztec Turquoise Co, The Los Angeles Gem Co, Arizona Turquoise Co, Southwest Turquoise Co, as well as the Mineral Park Turquoise Co. The current mining company that’s taken the reins is Colbaugh Processing Inc.

One story about Chuck Colbaugh that you might find interesting is that he represented Arizona in a gemstone competition, which is now displayed by the Smithsonian Institution, along with the finest gems for every other state. To this day, the company and mine are run by Chuck’s sons.

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

At Southwest Jewelry Designs, we have access to a lot of Kingman turquoise and it remains one of our best sellers. We love this turquoise because it’s one of the last mines that still produce, giving the general public access to such a lovely stone. While mine after mine is being depleted, Kingman Turquoise is still going strong.


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