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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is a gorgeous variation that exists in the United States.

Coming from right here in Globe Arizona, Sleeping Beauty stones feature a rich, dark blue color with specks of black matrix throughout the stone.

Because of its striking beauty, this mine has gained fame all around the world. Top Designers from around the country are clawing to get a chunk of Sleeping Beauty and who could blame them?

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine History

The Sleeping Beauty Mine was first discovered by the Native Americans. Unlike the modern tools used today, the Native Americans would mine their gems using hand tools, carefully carving out the precious gems with precision and dedication. Using these stones, the Native tribes would often carve them down to fine beads and string them for trading purposes.

When settlers came, the mountain was first thought to contain copper and was mined by Europeans, only to discover the mine was full of the uniquely beautiful blue stone we all know and love today. In more recent history, the turquoise became under the contract control of Monty Nichols. Nichols put his staff to work, mining the turquoise that is now an industry leader.

One reason the turquoise variant became so successful was through the marketing efforts of Nichols himself, styling this stone as “Affordable Turquoise.” The gemstone actually gets its name from the mountain where it is mined. The mountain looks like a woman lying on her back with arms crossed.

While this turquoise’s history goes back quite a ways with Native American history, the American history of Sleeping Beauty is relatively recent, when it was originally mined for gold and copper over 40 years ago.

Until recently, this particular Turquoise Mine was among the world’s largest producing mines in the U.S. However, the mine closed in late 2012.

Our Sleeping beauty Turquoise

We are located in the heart of Arizona and the rich history we share with Native American artists. In fact, many of the Sleeping Beauty pieces we display on our site are made by artists of the Navajo tribe. Take a look at a few examples our Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry.


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