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Native American Earrings

Earrings have been a rite of passage for centuries and are worn for the rest of our lives. We want to do that fact justice by bringing art to your ears. The Native American earrings featured on our website come from the Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo tribes. Our team meets with artists and come home with only the best of their work.

Southwest Jewelry Designs has the largest selection of American Indian earrings, not just from one artist. We know that you’re a unique soul and you need to exemplify that in what you wear. Working with multiple artists, you don’t get just one style, you can choose from a multitude.

Our collection has gold and silver earrings, turquoise pieces, various gemstones of the southwest, clip-on earrings, and hoop earrings with fine engravings, Native American earrings that have traditional symbols and animals that represent the artist’s tribe. Not only will you see original earrings, but you’ll get art that tells a story.

Our Southwest Earrings

Southwest earrings make the ideal gift, since they are more popular than ever before, featured by high-end fashions shows hosted by Vogue, Dior, and many more names. So whether you’re looking to get started in the boom that is southwest fashion or simply want a true work of art, Southwest Jewelry Designs is the place to start.

Our Native American and Southwest earrings won’t be around forever. Part of being exclusive is knowing that specific designs will eventually be purchased and never seen again. That’s the price you pay for originality. Due to the nature of these hand-crafted pieces, we can’t guarantee the earrings you want will still be available tomorrow. Whoever buys it first gets it, plain and simple. Don’t fret, though. Our store is always meeting with artisans to ensure we are stocked with the latest and greatest designs. We also meet with new artists to keep our inventory looking fresh.

So don’t miss your chance to find the perfect pair of southwest earrings. Take a look around.



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