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Hopi Jewelry

hopie-pendants.jpgHopi jewelry is renowned for its particularly striking silverwork. Normally, when someone thinks Native American jewelry, thy think turquoise or coral stones, but Hopi jewelry is prominently made with plain sterling silver. Hopi artists will use the inlay or overlay technique and carve beautiful, crisp images into their silver, often imprinting images of Hopi symbolism and belief.

The Hopi Reservation is located in Northeastern Arizona. Because of our close proximity, we’ve been able to make lasting relationships with the artists, bringing you the latest and greatest pieces from the Hopi tribe. Some trademarks of Hopi jewelry are the use of overlay (Overlay is a process that utilizes at least two layers of sterling silver. One layer forms the foundation, while the second layer is used to design the individually detailed image). The images are often related to Hopi history, patterns, and religious beliefs, such as the famous Kachina figures, which you will see in our collection.

Hopi Rings

Our George Phillips Hopi rings are designed with intricate overlay to give you beautiful images of Hopi belief and history. You’ll see a lot of the whimsical deity, Kokopelli, in this collection. He is believed to be a god of fertility within the Native American community and can be easily distinguished by his hunchback and signature flute.

Hopi Earrings

Hopi earrings of silver and gold are a simply stunning way to rock the Native style this year. You will often see unique designs along with overlay, like cut-through patterns that showcase the skill of our artists.

Hopi Bracelets

SJD’s stunning Hopi bracelets are a wonderful example of how durable and elegant Hopi silverwork can be. These pieces were made to last and be hopi-bracelets.jpgpassed down from one generation to the next.


Hopi Pendants

We have the largest selections of Hopi pendants, all featuring that crisp look you want. You’ll see wonderful designs, from the spider symbol to various Kachinas.

Hopi Necklaces

Hopi necklaces are the culmination of their talent as silversmiths. These pieces are the height of both elegance and balance.

Southwest Jewelry Design’s Hopi Jewelry

When you shop Southwest jewelry Designs, you’re shopping for quality, especially when it comes to Hopi jewelry pieces. Our overlay jewelry is made from two layers of sterling silver, with designs that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking to get beautiful silver overlay, look no further than our collection of high-quality Hopi artisans. These works of art are made by talented hands that have worked decades to perfect their art. We are proud to partner with such innovative minds and help reach out to you to showcase their work, their passion, and their culture.

You can find the best Hopi jewelry in the Southwest in our collection. Check it out for yourself!