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Native American Necklaces

Southwest Jewelry Designs (SJD) curates authentic Native American and southwest necklaces from artists that live in the heart of the region. SJD works with artisans that make pieces from the finest gems and highest quality materials, like turquoise, sterling silver, and gold. Whether you’re looking for bold new style or some traditional necklaces that gives an elegant look, southwest necklaces can deliver and so can Southwest Jewelry Designs.

Having one the largest collections of Southwest necklaces comes with a few benefits. We break down our necklaces into either Southwest or Native American necklaces. These pieces are handcrafted by artists to give you something truly unique. You will find stunning Navajo squash blossom necklaces if you like Native pieces. You can also gaze at what the Southwest has to offer, like unique multi-gem statement rings, the choice is yours but we provide you with a lot of choices

See our single-gemstone necklaces, heishi-bead necklaces, silver plain sterling silver, liquid silver, fetish necklaces, and much more. You’ll have the chance to choose the style that best represents your unique personality.

Native American Necklaces by Tribe

The Native American tribes have been making necklaces out of natural materials for thousands of years. The earliest known pieces were rudimentary, the tools and techniques have evolved over the years. During the 1800s, the Spanish introduced Natives to silver-smithing and they have since been using the skill, making fantastic pieces for trade and sale. Using sterling silver, Native American necklaces are often imbued with natural gemstones, most significantly turquoise.

Zuni Necklaces

Zuni necklaces are heavily steeped in Native American culture, using various animal symbols to make the piece truly unique.


Navajo Necklaces

One of the main reasons our collection is so stunning is because of our Navajo necklaces, particularly the Squash Blossom necklaces. These stunning works of art are intricately beaded together with rich sterling silver, set with a dazzling array of gemstones.

Hopi Necklaces

ga101188-71059.1520972915.jpgHopi necklaces are rare! With only about 10,000 members within the Hopi tribe, if you come across one of these treasures, hold on and never let go. Be cautious, some stores will feature Navajo pieces that have Hopi symbols and try to pass them off as authentic.

Native American Squash Blossom Necklaces

The inverted crescent pendant has a history spanning hundreds of years, traveling from Spanish culture to the Native American tribes; where they eventually gained the fame these Native American necklaces have today.

Native American Bead Necklaces

The Navajo are particular fine crafters of beaded necklaces. These beautiful stones are refined to the smooth, glossy beads you see in our collection.

Native American Link Necklaces

Our Native American link necklaces are made with fine sterling silver with turquoise, coral, and onyx stones, displayed at the center and to the sides of thega103188-22473.1520972921.jpg neck, giving an elegant and tasteful look.

Native American Turquoise Necklaces

It wouldn’t be a true Native collection without Native American turquoise necklaces. Our Navajo necklaces are made by some of the most talented artists within the community. With the blue sheen of our turquoise, the quality really does speak for itself.

Native American Multicolor Necklaces

If you’re looking to step away from one solid color, our coloration of Native American multicolor necklaces (both stones and inlay) is sure to impress.

Native American Men’s Necklaces

When it comes to men’s fashion, our Native American Men’s Necklaces are simple designs that are perfect for men that want to convey a sense of elegance and embody the spirit of the Native American tribesman.

About Turquoise Jewelry Designs

TJD’s mission is to bring you the most beautiful Southwest necklaces. This is our home and we want to represent its true beauty. That’s why we strive to recruit the oldest professionals and the newest talent, bringing their work together in one place, just for you.  

So take a look around and find the necklaces you love; we promise, other people will love them too.