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Zuni Jewelry

Zuni jewelry is definitely the most iconic. Artists of these communities exemplify the history and culture of their ancestors and their work is typically a mix of high quality and fine detail.

zuni-earrings.jpgZuni Jewelry Style

If you like marching to the beat of your own drum, then Zuni jewelry is for you. The high-quality and authentic pieces of Zuni jewelry from Southwest Jewelry Designs are one of a kind! Before you start filling your collection with stunning pieces of Zuni jewelry, take a moment to learn a little bit of the magic and craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece.

Zuni jewelry is famed for its intricate and careful stonework and silverwork. Zuni jewelry and the artisans that make it spare no amount of time or effort to create networks of beads or the stunning .925 silver settings that come with Zuni bracelets, necklaces, and rings. In fact, the process of creating many Zuni Native American Jewelry pieces is very similar to needlepoint techniques used by quilters and weavers. These artists lay down each tiny piece that goes into the design. It’s like paving a road brick by brick and it takes a lot of time and patience.

Most pieces of Zuni jewelry feature stones that accent their mastery of silverwork. Zuni artists use carefully cut and polished stones in their work and they set them into perfectly shaped silver. Zuni jewelry relies heavily on the use of turquoise to add beauty, color, and special significance to each piece. Gemstone mosaics are a popular trend in Zuni jewelry, usually. These colorful mosaics often depict elements of nature or the tribal community. This style is known as inlay. Inlay is the process of setting stones into silver so multiple stones appear as one solid piece.

Zuni artists will try to match proportion with both their stones and their settings. Each style looks beautiful, though. Zuni pieces are aesthetically pleasing because they match proportions. In the same way, size plays a major role in Zuni jewelry pieces; the artists will also match the colors. If the color of the stone is a little darker, they may make the silver so it flows.

Zuni Rings

Zuni rings are the epitome of balance and style. You can wear these rings for any occasion; just take a look at our selection.zuni-bracelets.jpg

Zuni Earrings

Our Zuni earrings are also a unique way to rock the Native American style. Most of our Zuni earrings feature a wide array of color and variation. If you want to brighten your day, check out these Zuni pieces for your own collection.

Zuni Bracelets

Southwest Jewelry Designs also offers an assortment of Zuni bracelets. In this collection, you’ll find every type of Zuni symbol you can imagine. These pieces are steeped in both culture and history.

Zuni Pendants

Our Zuni pendants show off intricate silver and stonework. They can refine turquoise to a fine point, offering some of the best inlay and needlepoint pieces in our collection.

zuni-necklaces.jpgZuni Necklaces

Zuni necklaces are the highlight of our selection when it comes to Zuni jewelry.

Zuni Jewelry History

Ancient Native American Jewelry- Some of the earliest examples of Native American jewelry has been found in Pueblo, Zuni, and Hopi culture. The techniques used by these tribes, prior to Europeans arriving, was typically the use of overlay and inlay metalwork that was done through simple hammering and pounding. There are examples of rudimentary beaded necklaces that go back thousands of years but strictly talking about modern jewelry techniques, these were the methods used hundreds of years before the settlers came to this land.

Come see our stunning collection of Zuni jewelry for yourself!