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Turquoise Bracelets

While you certainly have your choice of retailers to pick from when you shop turquoise bracelets, there’s no going wrong with our artists. Our turquoise bracelets, to us, are collaboration of love, time, and quality. Southwest Jewelry Designs (SJD) is proud to bring you, not just jewelry, but art. The fine jewelers that are featured here, hand-craft these turquoise bracelets, giving you something truly original. Among the jewelry in our collection, you will find stunning turquoise bracelets made from .925 sterling silver.

If you’re tired of mass-produced styles presented by bloated and overpriced retailers, then try the something unique, try us. Our promise is to take you on more a stylish journey.

ga101960-85448.1520966224.jpgTurquoise Cuff Bracelets

Sterling silver, solid turquoise stones, multicolor inlay, what more could you need from turquoise bracelets? We have a bracelet to fit any style and any wrist. These pieces are designed to last with thick pieces of .925 sterling silver.

Turquoise Link Bracelets

Turquoise link bracelets typically feature fine sterling silver with turquoise, coral, and onyx stones, displayed at thews399850-23163.1520965029.jpg center and to the sides of the wrist, giving an elegant and tasteful look to anyone who wears these beautiful pieces.

Turquoise Bead Bracelets

The Navajo are particularly fine crafters of turquoise bead bracelets. These beautiful stones are refined to be smooth, glossy beads.

Turquoise Liquid Silver Bracelets

Are you looking for something a little less showy? Our turquoise liquid silver bracelets (pure sterling silver) will let you shimmer and shine everywhere you go!

fa104660-48580.1520965992.jpgTurquoise Inlay Bracelets

Turquoise inlay bracelets are the culmination of silver and stonework mastery, setting perfectly cut stones into perfectly cut silver to give you seamless look and feel.

Turquoise Stone Bracelets

The most popular style is SJD’s turquoise stone bracelets. These pieces often feature large, distinguished stones that serve as the center for the piece as a whole.

Turquoise and Red Coral Bracelets

Red and blue are a powerful combination and Southwest Jewelry Design’s turquoise and red coral bracelets prove that point. These striking contrasts will be the highlight of your collection.

Zuni Bracelets

Zuni bracelets have been a popular commodity for years. Most Zuni bracelets can be told apart by the colorful presence of multiple stone types and the use of different animal symbols to signify their connection with nature.

Navajo Bracelets

Turquoise in jewelry and ceremony by Southwest Indians dates back thousands of years and one of the most prevalent tribes is the Navajo. Navajo bracelets often feature one large stone, set into quality sterling silver. These Navajo pieces are usually statement bracelets that really pop when you wear them with simple and elegant outfits. Our jewelry is made by experts hands with years of experience and techniques that date back hundreds of years, passed on to one generation to the next.

Hopi Bracelets

Hopi pieces are made using two silver sheets and cutting them in such a way that they produce a sharp Native American symbol when the two sheets are combined, either with inlay or overlay.

Come see our wide array of turquoise bracelets for yourself!