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Turquoise Rings

Elegant turquoise rings from Southwest Jewelry Designs are made by professional artists to give you something unique and truly breathtaking. As one of the largest and most well-connected stores in the Southwest, We carry a large selection of turquoise rings with different sizes to fit your needs.

Turquoise Rings by Tribe

Turquoise rings are timeless pieces, just ask the Native American tribes of the Southwest. The Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi have been making turquoise rings for hundreds of years and continue the art today. Some of the styles and techniques used then are still being used and passed down now, continuing a legacy of beauty.

da8071239-94666.1520970689.jpgTurquoise Jewelry Navajo Rings

Turquoise jewelry Navajo rings are a testament to the skill and technique that our artists use to create perfect pieces. Navajo rings traditionally feature a prominent stone, usually turquoise, with thick sterling silver, giving you a powerful statement ring.

Turquoise Jewelry Zuni Rings

Our turquoise jewelry Zuni rings are a balance of proportions. With Zuni rings, you usually get a well-proportioned stones to silver ratio. Another difference you might notice is the use of coral and a verity of other stones to give you more color diversity.

Choose the Highest Quality Navajo Turquoise Rings

High-quality material is our business when it comes to turquoise rings. When you shop with Southwest Jewelry Designs, you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying quality pieces from artists that truly care about their work and the designs they work so hard on. There are a lot of companies that sell turquoise and silver made overseas that don’t quite measure up to the quality of our Native American pieces. Our pieces are made right here in the heart of the Southwest with pride.

Turquoise Rings and Sizes

Our rings range from size 5 to size 12 and beyond. If you don’t see your size below, don’t worry. We are always updating our stock and speaking with customers to meet their needs. Just give us a call and we’ll speak to our artists to get something that fits you perfectly for your next visit.

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 4ws416194-39043.1520970531.jpg

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 5fa109100-29932.1520970707.jpg

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 6



Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 7

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 8

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 9

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 10

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 11

Turquoise Jewelry Rings Size 12


Come see what else we have to show you in Southwest Jewelry Designs Turquoise Rings collection. At SJD, we have a ring perfect for your unique personality just waiting for you!